Frequently Asked Questions

You can register from our registration page by clicking here.

You have to be 18 years or older to register.

You can not change your email address once you are registered.

Yes, you need to fill in the correct information. Do not worry, your name and email address are private, and are only used for administrative purposes. You will be prompted to create a unique username for yourself, and this is the name that other people will see. Your true identity will always be hidden to all members until you reveal it yourself.

Yes, as long as the person whom you registered is aware of it.

Sorry, you may NOT change your username, because once you have communicated with other members using a username, this username is what everyone recognizes you with, and so if you change it, this would cause confusion among all with whom you communicated. Please, NEVER use your real name.

No, you should only register with one account. It is against our rules for a member to have more than one account. If we find members who deliberately create additional accounts we will have no choice but to suspend them.

Log in to your account, Click - My Account, Click - Change Password, and fill in the necessary information.

Do I have to upload a photo? No, uploading your photo/video is completely optional. However, many members find early establishment of physical attraction very important in their search for a spouse, you may find that your profile generates more interest with a photo(s)/video. 

For your safety, please note that there are some people who share fake photos. Always request as many photos of the person in many different locations such as: home, work, at gatherings, with other people, etc. Most scammers will send only a small number of photos and usually photos that are not in a group setting. It is very important to also verify the appearance of the person by chatting on webcam.

We strongly advise against this as this would necessitate sharing your personal contact information also, once you have obtained a little trust and have mutual understanding only then you should take baby steps to fully trust someone. Remember, your photos & personal information could easily be saved and distributed by the recipient.

Your photo(s)/video and profile remain completely private.  The screening process is done by our administrators, they are the only ones who gain access to all photo(s)/video and profiles whom you have granted access to.  Male administrators view only male registrants & female administrators view only female registrants.

Profile photo(s) have to meet the following criteria: All photos must be in color, close up, clear, bright, try not to have others in your picture, NO side profiles please, and all photos must be recent (1-3months).

Once you have deleted your account it is permanent.  You will have to create a new profile.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said there are three things in Islam which are not matters to be joked about, and the first of these is marriage. Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 2189, Narrated by Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet SAW said: There are three things which, whether undertaken seriously or in jest, are treated as serious: Marriage, divorce and taking back a wife (after a divorce which is not final). If you are a good Muslim, you know the value of honesty. Marriage is a sacred bond that two people share together, which is filled with LOVE, and love comes from effective communication, understanding, & compromise, and TRUST holds the relationship together. Furthermore, the Prophet SAW said that the angels distance themselves from the liar, and this evil trait is not a characteristic we desire from our candidates. Abdullah bin Umar (RA) relates that Prophet SAW said: When a person lies, the angel distances himself from the liar by a mile." (Tirmidhi)

Unfortunately not. Your account is for your use only. If someone else were to start using your account, this would cause confusion among our members who may already have communicated with your profile before. If you no longer use your account please cancel it.  To cancel your account, please see the red box on your left, click My Account, then click Delete My Account and follow the simple steps.

Your name and email address are private, and are only used for administrative purposes. For that reason, you need to fill in the correct values.  Your identity will always remain anonymous to our members unless you choose to reveal it yourself.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at present. You can choose to delete your account if you wish, but you will have to re-subscribe to reactivate it.

REFUND POLICY – Match Made In Jannah will NOT refund ANY payment to ANY member for ANY reason. Match Made In Jannah will not refund any member who has decided that they no longer wish to use Match Made In Jannah. A refund can NOT be given in part or whole for any subscription used or not used by any member for whatever reason. Users who wish to cancel their subscription are not permitted to seek a partial or full refund for any reason.

Please inform us with the username of the member along with the proof of Marriage proposal. We shall update you with the necessary basic details.

Match Made In Jannah expects Islamic etiquettes to be maintained between all members. Unfortunately though, there are times when some members break the rules.  Our moderators will offer you up to 3 warnings on a certain rule break prior to suspending your account. Please don’t ignore those warnings. The warnings are given to members to keep our site halal.  Here is how it works:
Warnings are issued to those who break rules:
Suspensions can be temporary or permanent in which case they would automatically become a ban.  Those who can be suspended or banned include members who:  1.  Having multiple accounts to contact several members.  2.  Attempting to fraud other members by asking for money.  3.  Misrepresentation of information on your profile (under age, non-practicing Muslim, etc.)

Please note that deleting your account permanently will remove all personal data from our record. This is an irreversible process and the data cannot be retrieved.  Please follow the steps mentioned:  Log in to your account and go to My Account > Delete My Account > and Cancel Membership.

Once you upload a photo it will either be approved/rejected within 24 hours. Our moderators assess each photo individually to make sure that it meets our criteria.
If your photo has not been approved/rejected within 24 hours it means that we have had a very high number of photos up for moderation so please bear with us patiently. We will process it as soon as we can.

We don’t advise you to share your personal details with anyone.  If you want to proceed to the next step, then we would advise getting families involved.  However, we do realize that sometimes it is easier to communicate via other methods, so as a rule of thumb, once you are happy that there is mutual compatibility between you both (i.e. you meet each other’s basic criteria and outlook on life, etc.), then you can exchange contact information.  We do not advise you to swap personal contact details unless you have established comparability. To establish compatibility means to ask probing questions in order to determine whether you are compatible for each other. We would suggest that you don’t rush into this step for your own protection.  If you feel that the person you’re communicating with could be a suitable spouse, then you should swap personal contact details, but inform a family member (older Male [Sisters only]).

Contact customer service and please give a reason for the report so that we can deal with your query fast and efficiently.

Yes, this option exists under the "Photo(s) and Video Upload" screen.  Although your profile will be hidden and members will no longer be able to contact you please be aware that your subscription will continue.  Your subscription does not freeze when your profile is hidden.

All members will NOT be able to see your real name, address, DOB, or contact details. They will be able to see everything else.

Match Made In Jannah provides you with profiles, it is up to you to search and find your partner.  

If you are not interested in someone who continues to contact you, you have the option to Block them.

No, you can not filter out people from seeing your profile, but you do have the option of hiding your profile for as long as you like, as well as who can see your photo(s)/video.

These are questions which provide more depth and clarity for other members. We encourage all members to answer these questions to the best of their ability so that spouse seekers can connect with confidence.

Click on edit, make your changes, then press save.

You can find all members by clicking on the search button located on your profile, the next screen you see will be the advance search page where you select specific details of people you want to see.  

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Yes, simply go to my account and select Delete My Account, and fill in the necessary information to Delete your account.